Hi I’m Gilbert Rivera; wedding photographer, dog lover, and a masculine hopeless romantic.

Of the loves in my life, photography–even though being the most recent to join the group, is by far the most selfish. My family & friends, Troy Boy (my 8 year old Black Lab), Ice-Cream and the Dodgers are substantially less demanding. Lucky for me, they all mix nicely resulting in a delicious stew that is my awesome life (did I mention I like food… a lot?).

Photography has always been an interest, but just recently became a passion. Wish that I could give a long detailed romantic story of how the love affair began, but alas none exists to tell. I simply cherish relationships and firmly believe that special moments with loved ones should be captured. Whether that “moment” is over a cup of coffee, a walk in the park, enjoying a sunset, sharing a hug, or even wiping away a tear… it should be captured, serving as an endless echo of the emotions once shared, but more importantly with the people that partook in it. One of the biggest regrets we all have in life is not taking enough pictures, not capturing the moments. Needless to say, entering a life long commitment, marriage is the pinnacle for such moments. Once I was able to capture one wedding and get a hit of that emotional crack, there exists no parallel. I live for weddings! :)

Head Shots Screen-40I am definitely blessed to have been given a skill and talent for something I am absolutely passionate about. Lets get together, and capture the moments that capture your heart…

-Gilbert (my friends call me Gil)